Friday, 19 December 2014

Happy Christmas and a year of quilts

As I panic about the size of the turkey ( too big for the oven...) and the lack of presents
 ( still to be bought by a frantic  shopper...) the dust in the house ( will it be noticed by visitors...) and the need for decorations in all areas... I decided to count the quilts. All the quilts, cushions and one notice board made this year for commissions and for my family and here they are, after a struggle to master Picmonkey editing,  so that I could make this collage....

Quilts made in 2014 by Green Star Quilts
There is one final quilt to show you this year. It has been made because of the kindness of Nancy and Sally at Fabric Rehab who sent me a free gift in a parcel of fabric I ordered from them. You can visit them here  they have some lovely fabrics....

Christmas fabric from Fabric Rehab

I added some green Enchanted Forest fabric:

Christmas fabrics
I made simple log cabin blocks with random width strips, using up some scraps too and lots of odd bits of wadding which I glued down firmly before quilting it all over with a squiggle design...

here you can see the odd bits of wadding 

Here is the layered quilt:

log cabin blocks

Now for the arty photos I thought...I hung the finished quilt on our evergreen hedge but the background was too dark....

Christmas quilt by Green Star Quilts
It was freezing outside so I beat a hasty retreat inside to take better photos...
Christmas quilt hanging on the bathroom door
and then the close up ones....

scrap pieces binding

This one is my favourite although it shows up my variable stitch length!

Add caption

At last I got to the sofa where it and I intend to stay over Christmas... with my scrap velvet cushions too.

Christmas quilt on the sofa

So now I just want to say Happy Christmas to everyone who visits my website and blog. You come from all over the world, some of you are friends, maybe others will become so. It is also just fine to enjoy a visit, stay a little while and feel connected to another quilter for a few minutes in a busy day. Thank you too for all your comments and kind wishes over the year. 

Next year I wish for a more peaceful world and the safe arrival of another little one in our family. I hope you have a lovely break too,

Very best wishes,

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  1. What a productive year you've had and made so many wonderful projects!!! Now on to 2015!!! I adore that last quilt that you made!!!


Thank you for all your comments, I love to read them and will visit your blogs too if possible. Comments are so encouraging and I love knowing that quilters from all over the world are visiting the blog.
Happy quilting everyone!