Thursday, 28 January 2010

Bathing beauty

She had been in the garden for some time, but husband found  her one sunny afternoon. Her swimsuit needed some attention, but her figure was still shapely. How had she got there and where she had come from is a mystery, her name a secret still.... but the least I could do was find her a New Man with a sports car in racing green.  He looks keen but his legs are a bit stiff, he's more used to driving a tractor, but I hope they will be very happy together....

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Happy Memories

Dani has asked me to make her a memory quilt from Matthew's  outgrown clothes. Matthew is nearly two years old, blond and very smiley. Of course his clothes are very small, with lots of poppers, but when its finished Dani will have something to remind her of when he was newly born and worn tiny babygros. Which will be lovely when he is six feet tall and keen on rugby. I was reminded of such a quilt made for Nicola by Helen. It used all her little dresses and summer shorts. We used it for many years. Now it is faded and worn but still loved and treasured by me. So here it is and so much better than a suitcase full of  little  clothes in the attic.

Thursday, 14 January 2010


Yesterday in the late afternoon I saw  a dog fox near the pond. He ran so swiftly, tail outstretched, following the line of the fence. Ginger fur, bushy brush and a black strip to his face, just like the gentleman in the Beatrice Potter story. Today as Barney and I were nearly home I heard the vixen bark. As we neared the gate she came down the hill, really close, and with her were two of last year's cubs. I was absolutely delighted. I have never seen them before. But Jane won't be pleased. The pheasants she feeds every morning are so tame now. And the foxes are clearly very hungry.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

A helping hand

I found him at the bottom of the garden.Tired, cold and muddy. And still carrying those heavy buckets. Only three buttons to do up his yellow jacket and a red hat to keep his ears warm....The snow covering his boots and the wind whistling around him. He arrived in the summer as a surprise helper for someone in the garden ( you know who you are...) and now he struggles on alone and forgotten. Please everyone, check your gardens in case you have someone who could do with a helping hand in the cold weather.

Thursday, 7 January 2010


Yesterday I packed away the Christmas decorations for another year. Over coffee with my dear friend Jill, she told me how she had looked out over the snow and seen the full moon. It hung in the night sky but seemed to be exactly at the top of her Christmas tree. Like the most beautiful decoration. We agreed this was a Mary Moment ( if you don't know what a MM is, scroll down to 21st July 2009) .So, a moon not a star and not in the east but something to be  marvelled at and looked on with wonder. a good beginning for the New Year.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Happy New Year

A very Happy New Year to all of you who log onto this page. Do leave a message so I know I'm not talking to myself!  Here in Lincolnshire we have a winter wonderland and Barney our Springer dog is fed up getting snow bobbles stuck between his toes. Glum is a word which certainly could be applied to him at present! 

Right now everyone is chilly  including the teapot. So this is what I have designed for cold spouts and handles... and then there are also the egg cups which you can see on the gifts page, now they're feeling really cosy... ( sorry, couldn't resist that!)