Wednesday, 13 May 2015

I have made a lot of appliqued quilts over the last year and they have gradually become more and more elaborate without me really noticing. It is always difficult to assess how much time is spent making them and working out how to price them too. Argggg, if only pricing was easy, it is a question I have been asked about so many times! It isn't always a matter of time spent or fabrics used, charging for postage or that extra trip to the quilt shop to buy thread, but a magic combination of all of this plus a sprinkle of some fairy dust which results in the answer that suits everyone. And, of course everyone has an opinion too!

My grandmother's vintage Jones sewing machine form 1920's

 Now I have decided to make some smaller quilts and use my time differently. They will be simpler, using fabrics from my cupboards and traditional blocks. There will be appliques but these will be features rather than telling the whole story on each quilt. Sometimes it is the right moment to simplify life in the sewing room. Golly that does sound profound and wise!

My vintage cotton box
Well really the reason is that I have a new grandson with whom I am totally in love and I want to spend lots of time cuddling him along with his big sister too! 

This is the dress I made her recently featuring fabric with the Frozen movie characters, we have watched the film so many times.... The pattern is See & Sew B5442 and it is really easy to make, no zip!

'Frozen' dress for a four year old
But last month I started blue and cream cot quilt and now it is finished and I am really pleased with it. It started like this.... 

block from Judy Martin's Star Block book
and finished like this....

Blue Star Quilt
The measurements are 37.5 x 43 inches or 95 x 110cm. ( Nine blocks).The blues are all from my 'blue box', I bet you have one too, and the cream fabric is American Quilters Calico. I love this fabric, it is so soft and lovely to use. 

I took lots of photos too....

Blue Star quilt by Green Star Quilts
The blues look perfect against my blue painted chair...

Blue Star quilt by Green Star Quilts
Here it is on our old Irish clothes horse....

Blue Star quilt by Green Star Quilts
Last one....

Blue Star quilt by Green Star Quilts
Now I am thinking it would be lovely in pinks too, so maybe that will be my next quilt! In the meantime we have had new windows fitted at the front of the house and that means lots of painting to be done this week too...

It is so lovely to feel that summer is just around the corner, sitting outside for meals in the sun is such a treat. Our whole garden is a mass of Forget-me-nots and Bluebells, so pretty too. And, best of all, Husband is building me a summer house at the bottom of the garden, so I will need lots of bunting soon!

I hope you have sunshine this week and a chance to eat outside too,

Kind regards,