Saturday, 1 December 2018

Icelandic jumper pattern

What is about winter evenings that draw me to knitting? When the heating goes off in the sewing room I settle in the sitting room with a log fire, chocolate, crossword and at the moment some very warm knitting. Daughter who is living in Norway has asked me to knit a jumper from a lovely Norwegian design company called Valley Knits. You can find them on Raveley, the knitting pattern site. The jumpers are photographed on snow, with husky dogs and reindeer fur and they look amazing. I do hope mine will look amazing too, but I haven't  got to the difficut bit yet! Yes, that is the circular yoke with traditional patterns mixed with paw prints.... I suspect there will be much undoing, some grumpiness and hopefully triumphant photos when I get it right!
Here it is so far, no husky dog here to style the photo though....That may come when I finish it and post it to Norway!

Design by Valley Knits, norway
The sleeves come next, then hopefully it will all join up to make the yoke stitches, I  really hope it does!! 
Carrying on knitting,
Kind regards,

Scrap fabric bibs

This week I have been addressing the pile of fabric scraps which I can't bear to throw away. I found a lovely pattern for bibs ages ago on the internet and sadly can't find it now, so I drew around an old bib to make my own pattern and here are my scrap fabric bibs.....

Scrap fabric bibs by Green Star Quilts 
The fabrics come mostly from a quilt I made which was designed for a bike ride and picnic. I loved the bikes fabric and kept even the tiny scraps afterwards. I'm so glad they have been used!

Scrap fabric bibs by Green Star Quilts
I stitched the three layers together and then turned the bib to the outside. It was a bit of a fiddle with the wadding but cutting it really close to the stitching worked well. After turning, I quilted the whole bib in straight lines and round the edge. The fastening at the neck is a large popper as I find velco catches on soft fine hair and pulls.

I  am also making a memory quilt and you can see this on my website commissions page. 
Are you all making Christmas quilts and gifts? I haven't got to that bit yet!

Hope you have a good week,
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