Monday, 28 September 2009

Bathing beauty

She had been in the garden for some time, but husband found  her one sunny afternoon. Her swimsuit needed some attention, but her figure was still shapely. How had she got there and where she had come from is a mystery, her name a secret still.... but the least I could do was find her a New Man with a sports car in racing green.  He looks keen but his legs are a bit stiff, he's more used to driving a tractor, but I hope they will be very happy together....

Friday, 25 September 2009

Fox in park

Louise told me an amazing tale. It was a hot sunny day  so they took their new baby and her big sister to the park. They sat down near a flower bed and as they talked a fox came out of the bushes. It curled up right near the pram and slept as they chatted. I have been reading a book by Janet Bolton, an internationally acclaimed applique artist. She creates pictures of interesting things in fabric and stitch. They are very simple and attractive. So here is my attempt to record Louise's  'Mary Moment'.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

New baby

Well, now I am a Great Aunt. Fraser John is my great nephew and he is nearly two weeks old. What does a Great Aunt do? Will I need a very big handbag and wear dresses with a large floral print? Should I supply him with unsuitable sweets when his parents aren't looking and send him strange birthday presents? Its been a difficult time for him and I am really looking forward to meeting him when he is allowed home from the special care baby unit. A new baby is a miracle and a wonderful hope for the future. Still he needs very small socks at the moment!