Monday, 26 March 2012

New neighbours

Recently we have discovered we have new neighbours. We met them when we were out walking on the common one day. They seem to be outdoor types, they enjoy fresh air and lots of walking. I see them out in all weathers, rain or sun, they often come over to say hello. Vegetarians, they mostly eat green leaves, but enjoy the odd carrot and apple. Although they are very quiet neighbours, they are always interested in what we are doing, a chat over the fence is a great way to pass the time of day. and if there are polo mints around, they are very happy to share a packet.....

Quilt made for Maddy

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

New life

Here in rural Lincolnshire, we have just had one of our big events on the calendar. Even though I don't have a farm, one feels very close to the land and celebrating the seasons is important. So lambing time is very special. Our university has several  agricultural courses and the students get lots of practical experiences. Lambing weekend is one of them. Students work in shifts throughout 24 hours to help delivery lambs. There are pens of expecting ewes, very large and woolly, pens of lambs and mummies, very maternal looking, and a small pen of lambs to be bottle fed which is a huge attraction for everyone. The public are welcome on Lambing Sunday. You can cuddle a lamb, sit on a tractor, stroll through the snowdrops and daffodils and eat wonderful bacon rolls. It's a great day out. The sound of baaing hungry lambs fills the air, they jump on the hay bales, sleep in the troughs, get lost with other lambs, but still manage to find mum for milk. Such a happy day and a great chance to try out new wellies.