Thursday, 16 April 2015

Sealife and Dinosaurs Quilt

It has been a bit of a race between finishing this quilt and our new baby being born in the family, but the quilt has won and I posted it off to the new owner a few days ago. Now we are just waiting for the baby! The quilt has been made for Ashley, the little brother of Rowan who I made the dinosaur quilt for in the last blog. The second quilt also features a printed panel which I cut up to fit in the space available in the middle. I must admit it was quite a fiddle to make it fit with borders matching around the edge. Another time I think I will cut off the printed border all round and add my own with contrasting fabric. Here are my signature big stars which go in the corners of most of my quilts:

Big stars with fish appliques by Green Star Quilts

 Next I made the log cabin blocks to go down the sides of the quilt....

Corner log cabin block by Green Star Quilts
Here is the crocodile, one of the animals in the side blocks.......

Crocodile by Green Star Quilts
The printed animals in the centre panel were quilted around, more of a sea life theme to this quilt:

And then a few dinosaurs with happy smiles from the first quilt and the pattern reversed on this quilt to make them face the other way:

Dinosaurs quilt by Green Star Quilts

This time I have added rabbits and taken away the fox:

Woodland animals by Green Star Quilts
Here is the finished quilt. There are more log cabin blocks on this quilt but the layout is the same as Rowan's quilt and they will look great on single beds in the same room.

Sea life and dinosaurs quilt by Green Star Quilts

The two quilts together look like this:

Sea Life quilt

Dinosaur Quilt

These quilts are the last commissions in April.  Now they are finished I have been enjoying sitting in the garden sunshine, catching up with friends and looking in a few cupboards with rather tepid enthusiasm for spring cleaning! There will not be a blog post next week as I will be cuddling the new baby, oh I can't wait! But soon I will be back in the sewing room and making a blue stars quilt for a new baby in Fiona's family.

I hope the weather is warm with you, our spring flowers are gorgeous here, the birds are nesting frantically with a lot of arguments about nest boxes going on...The tulips are nearly in flower and my bicycle has been out for a few sunny day rides. Everything feels very optimistic and happiness levels have definitely risen with more daylight!
I hope everything goes well for you all this week,

Kind regards

PS. This is the dress I have made for the 3 year old sister of the new baby, she is a big and I mean really big fan of the Frozen movie! The matching coat hanger was covered using the scraps from the dress. 

Friday, 3 April 2015

Dinosaur single bed patchwork quilt finished

It has been a really busy week, but now the dinosaur quilt is finished. I'm not sure how you would describe it geologically!  Dinosaurs roam with happy smiles, dolphins splash in the sea, woodland and jungle animals trot through the spaces left....Historians and geologists would struggle to make sense of the time lines, but all I can say is that I design quilts to make children smile and feel happy when they snuggle down under here it is....

Dinosaurs and other animals single bed Patchwork quilt by Green Star Quilts
It is always nice to see quilts close up,so here are some detail photos:

Dinosaurs by Green Star Quilts
 I wanted to make the quilting in the sky area look like the wind... and dolphins to swim in waves....

Woodland animals by Green Star Quilts
The woodland animals tiptoe through grassy quilting in a varigated thread....

Patchwork Owl by Green Star Quilts
The owl flies silently past the moon and in our garden they really do party at night, with lots of squeaks and squawks and hooting!

Dinosaur quilt centre by Green Star Quilts
The printed panel in the centre worked really well. This is the first time I have used a panel and I think the effect is great. I could never have stitched such a perfect circle and wobbly lines would have looked awful!

Monkey by Green Star Quilts
Next week I am making another quilt with a panel, this time with a fish theme, but added dinosaurs and animals will creep in and maybe a whale or two.....

Happy Easter everyone, I hope you all have lovely celebrations,
Kind regards,

PS. Thank you to everyone visiting and leaving such encouraging messages. I am amazed at the interest in the quilts I make and feel I am making friends all over the world. I will try to visit your blogs too and reply to comments as well.

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