Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Food for the soul

'There is a deep satisfaction about making things', Paul Kennedy, historian wrote. He was talking about Tyneside and the Swaan Hunter shipyard where his Dad worked, building ships. As a small boy, when a new ship was launched, he and his friends went to watch. They went to see what their Dads had made. How impressed those little children must have been. Now we can't all make such a wonderful thing as a large ship. But we can make something. So Andrew makes beer in his garage. I have knit several rather strange woolly jumpers for myself, to the astonishment of friends and family. Susie made bunting for a new baby present and Katy makes muffins frequently. So make something today, a birthday card, a cake, a knitted teddy, homemade, but very special gifts. Unique, treasured and all your own. It's all food for the soul.....

knitted toys at Farnham Woolly Ideas Show