Thursday, 25 August 2011

Dentists and delights

Yesterday I went to the dentist. I go because I am more scared of what will happen if I don't go. Life's a careful balance! To get there I walked along the Marina side, admiring the boats in the sunshine. Then I heard a loud whooshing and thwacking noise and to my delight seven swans decided to try the pond weed at the far end of the water. In careful formation so not to bump into each other, they ran along the surface of the water. Large webbed feet, toes spread wide, they slapped down on the water. Wings outstretched and beating hard and fast, the huge, heavy birds took off with enormous grace. It took the length of the marina to get airborne. Would they clear the bridge?  With careful calculation, they glided underneath and out the other side. It reminded me of a sculpture I saw in Newcastle on Tyne recently. And going to the dentist wasn't so bad after all.

Friday, 5 August 2011

A very special holiday

Throughout July I have been in Singapore. It was a very special trip to meet my first grandaughter. I may be biased but she's gorgeous, so new, skin so soft  and hair all fluffy. I took along things I had made for her, a pink velvet rabbit, tiny cardigans, a coloured blanket I knitted in the winter. Also a baby dress which her mum once wore.  I was so glad that my daughter was safely delivered and her new girl was well. Did my mum have the same worries for me? I remember her making little baby nighties, arriving with apple crumbles, holding my daughters with such care. It's a precious gift to be a granny.