Monday, 22 February 2010


A lady called 'Mouse' is worried that her blog gives the impression that she lives a perfect life. and her life is not perfect, it has up and down days just like the rest of us. But she takes beautiful pictures and makes lovely things and likes to write about them and her blog is full of interesting thoughts. Now I wonder any of you think I live the perfect country living life here in muddy Lincolnshire?  Is my house a spotless haven of calm and order? Well I'm just going to show you two things. My ironing pile and the piano lid.

Because its important not to give a false impression, to create an illusion...   And yes I did buy a Country Living magazine today and drifted off to a sunny, dust free place over my lunch time soup. Because we all need a rest from reality now and again.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Spring colour

Today I was feeling very tired of these  oh so cold, grey days. Our walk this morning was very muddy and the mud was very cold. Action was needed. Where could bright colours, warmth and cheerfulness be found?  I required a change of scene. To a very welcoming place. So this is where I went.... my local shop for essentials....Wisteria Patchwork....and here is lovely Joy holding up a Project Linus quilt in Lynne's wonderful wooden building, full of delights for the addicted quilter. And what's more, they're having a sale next week!!  This is the link for Project Linus if you would like to know more.

Friday, 12 February 2010


This morning as Barney and I ambled across the common the sun came out. It shone warm on our faces, a pale lemon yellow ball in a soft blue sky. We were delighted. Its been so long since we had a sunny walk. Barney was looking for rabbits and I started to look for other yellow things, leaves, stalks, no daffodils yet. This is what I found, tiny gold and yellow lichens encrusting the hawthorn twigs. Just like the most  expensive jewellery. Lovely to have a small glimpse of the spring to come.

Thursday, 4 February 2010


When its so gloomy and wet a makeover and new hair cut is just the thing to cheer you up. A shampoo and new style makes you feel a new person, lighter of step, energetic and full of enthusiasm for new challenges.... Sometimes a style makeover takes a whole day and you get very tired. You may even go to sleep at the hairdressers.

But its all worth it when people say such complimentary things and you look years younger too.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010


The postman has knocked with a parcel. Inside, a lovely surprise. Louise has sent me a little hessian bag and on it is printed a picture of her girls tucked up in one of the quilts I made for them. Such a clever idea to print  photos onto canvas which gives texture to the print. And such kindness to send me a permanent reminder of her family and the quilts I made for them. It will be a treasure to me and the quilts will be treasured by them and so I feel very happy this morning.