Thursday, 24 November 2011

Using things up

Still on the theme of knitting, I must show you my latest project. It involves Using Things Up, a great virtue of my mum, who never threw wool away. So here it is, my Mystical Stripe Jumper. That is the name of the pattern, which I must say I am not following entirely. Well hardly at all really. Soon I will own a fabulous and not at all eccentric jumper. And all knit from my  hoard of blue and purple wools. In stripes. And simple Fairisle blobs. It will be unique and I will be mystically striped from shoulder to hip.....I may show you when it is finished, just another arm to go.......


Thursday, 17 November 2011

Christmas shopping

Have you noticed there is a lot of Christmas music about when you are shopping? If I don't concentrate very hard on my shopping list, it is very easy to find I am singing along.  Yesterday, as I trundled down the cereals aisle I was horrified to realise that I was rocking along to 'All I want from Christmas is you....'. Yes, singing merrily.  In the paint shop, choosing a lovely lemon yellow colour, I hummed along. And to the shocked face of the young boy assistant who appeared around the end of the display of paint tins, I found myself murmuring 'Santa baby, just hurry down the chimmey tonight...... 'in the breathy tones of Marilyn.......he disappeared rapidly, looking rather pale! This is a terrible photo due to Christmas cheer in wine glass form.....