Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Happy Christmas

Everything that needs to be finished is finished and everything that needs to be posted is posted so  I'm giving myself a holiday from the sewing room and decorating the Christmas tree. It's time to make and eat the odd mince pie and sing carols at every opportunity and loudly too. So I just want to wish everyone who visits my website a very Happy Christmas and to say thank you to my friends and customers for your support this year. Jo gave me this little tea light holder last year. This year I 'm giving her a pair of silver elephant earrings and a festive jar of homemade bramble jelly.....

Monday, 21 December 2009


Nettleham Old School craft fair has been a big success. I got lots of compliments about my stall and the things I make. My egg cosies were compared favourably to those of a famous designer! The fabric covered sketch book was bought by an artist from Newcastle and many cards were sold too. Lots of people stopped to chat. Did they want to ask about quilts or was it because of the glamourous blonde behind the stall? Daughter, home from the high seas and far away lands came to help... You can't see me because  I'm hiding behind the quilt stand!

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Bullying in the workplace

I am being bullied at work. My tormentor has four large furry feet, soulful brown eyes and no conscience at all. If the entertainment is poor and the lack of a new bone evident, he empties my wastepaper bin. All over the floor. Fabric scraps and threads fall everywhere, paper is shredded and spat out. We have had words about his lack of consideration and general behaviour.... and then I give in...because he looks at me, head on one side, and I'm sure he smiles...and he's so loveable, so bad behaviour is rewarded yet again...a new bone appears...

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Winter nights

Its freezing here and last night it was frosty too. I was tempted to wear my socks in bed. Husband bravely offered to warm up my side before I got in. No hottie bottle could be found. An extra quilt was needed by any of us who had chilly toes....and they can be made in all sizes...so there's no need for anyone to shiver in bed...You can see the design of this one on the 'gifts' page.