Sunday, 6 October 2013

Lonely boys

I have two lonely boys here, looking for love, young and handsome, they are just waiting for the right girl to come along... They sit around in the garden all day and regularly at about lunchtime, they call out rather sadly..... 'Whooo Who....' They are our teenage tawny owls and they need girl friends! In the evenings they are out on the town, well the common actually, casing the joint, looking for a date, but not much luck yet it seems. A few nights ago I heard a rather saucy 'Weeeek' from lady owl, out in the evening, checking out the boys, but I haven't heard her since. Maybe they were too shy to ask, looked a bit bashful, who knows? But they were back the next day with a lunchtime hoot, so still single I suspect!

In the late autumn garden I am counting. Husband has been growing Turkish Hat squash. With no care or attention he has seven and three which don't look the same..... I have been growing Butternut squash. With every care, feeding, watering and a daily chat. I have three very small ones.... Humphh!!! The  courgettes appear to have gone into overdrive but my biggest triumph are the sunflowers. The seeds were sent in June with a request for Granny to plant them. It was very late to start, but here they are, six fine sunflowers, providing a late autumn treat for honey bees and bumbles in the vegetable garden. We all raise our faces to the sun and enjoy the beautiful weather here!