Friday, 7 August 2015

Bright Star cot quilts

Hello Everyone, 
I'm so sorry I haven't added a new blog post for a few weeks. Life has been very busy with rushing around and going to a wedding, where the bride and groom left the churchyard on a tandem bicycle....

just married and travelling on a tandem
with tin cans and streamers and the bride in a long length lace wedding dress which was quite a sight! Guests were asked to donate cakes for the reception.....

cakes for the wedding
The church at Great Grandsden in Bedfordshire, but near Cambridge, was simply decorated and the wooden angels in the roof timbers had such kind expressions and rather fetching frilly bonnets..... I wonder how many weddings they have looked down on throughout the centuries....

wooden angel, Gt Gransden church
Here is another angel who was above the door, also wooden and with beautiful wings and a finely plaited hairdo.....

wooden angel Gt Gransden church

There were lots of guests at the church and I noticed some extras who had to sit on the window sill, I have made this picture extra large so you can see them clearly, some of you may be keen on knitted beards.....

knitted folk at Gt Gransden church

I have also been sewing madly to finish these two quilts for Kerry. I am so pleased with the colours and the design and will certainly be making more of these this year:

Bright Star Quilt in blue by Green Star Quilts
The background is a simple log cabin block using 2.5 inch stripes and then the bright stars are appliqued on top...

Bright Star Quilt by Green Star Quilts
The binding is a soft blue and cream stripe, the backing is my favourite polka dot blue on white cotton...

Bright Star Quilt by Green Star Quilts
Here is the pink version for Kerrry's little girl....

Bright Star quilt by Green Star Quilts
The binding on this one is a bright pink tiny check cotton.

Bright Star quilt by Green Star Quilts

The backing is white with pink polka dots....

Bright Star quilt by Green Star Quilts

Bright Star quilt by Green Star Quilts

Now it is the school holidays and we have a very much looked forward to visit from our little ones aged 4 years and also 3 months. There is so much fun to be had with baking, painting and chatting to a 4 year old, even hanging out the washing is an exciting thing to do and picking the rasberries down the garden was a huge event! The new baby is such a big cuddle and I feel so very blessed when I look at them both.

And at the bottom of the garden, the builders are celebrating as the summer house is FINISHED!!!

summer house builders celebrate

I can't believe how lucky I am to have this lovely house at the bottom of the garden!! 

summerhouse in the garden
And I now have a much longed for rail to show quilts off..... I have always admired those lucky Americans who have a veranda to show quilts on.... the little solar panel on the roof is for the fairy lights too!

summerhouse early morning

 Here you can see a Fair Trade cotton quilt made by Judy from fabrics donated to Project Linus UK by Ruth at Fairtrade Fabric over my new rail...

summer house and quilt
And  again so you can see the windmill pattern.....

summer house and quilt

Fairtrade cotton quilt

So that's all for now, and I hope you are having really lovely summer holidays, either on the beach or at home. Next week I am making a cars theme baby quilt and a single bed memory quilt too,

Happy quilting,
Kind regards,