Thursday, 27 October 2011

A little nap

My gorgeous grandaughter has several little naps each day. My voice on skype seems to send her to sleep. Like a soothing lullaby. Or a boring television programme in the evening! Here in my garden it is time to put plants to sleep for the winter. The roses are pruned down to prevent root rocking in the cold winds, old plants are cleared away and precious ones are tucked up with warm blankets of compost mulch. But what to do with my aubergine plants? Which have not produced a single aubergine.... On turning over a leaf I found the plant was a comfy hotel for several guests. A winter retreat for people who don't mind sharing a room, who are happy snuggled up together....The plant is going into the green house, I haven't the heart to compost it and evict them!

Monday, 17 October 2011

Charlotte and Betty

Last weekend husband and I went to a local farming show. It was a lovely autumn day and the animals were looking at their best. Pigs and piglets brushed and polished, the heavy horses with tails plaited and manes bright with ribbon. The sheep fluffed up, long ringlets  curled like Victorian girls, everyone so proud of their poultry and stock. The gymkhana was in full swing. Little moppets clinging on tightly to the saddles of their ponies as, with huge aplomb and steely determination they charged around the jump course. Charlotte on Cobweb got a clear round and were very pleased, extra polo mints for Cobweb tonight I should think. 

 At the dog agility course enthusiasm was everything. Dogs of all shapes flung themselves around the obstacles, tails waving madly. The wrong way through the tunnel, halfway up the ramp, miss out the difficult weaving rods, who cares, we're all having fun!  Some people dressed up for the occasion, taking account of the threat of rain. It is important to feel a cold wind won't spoil the day for you........ so Betty chose her outfit with great care....

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Winter knitting

I rarely get time to venture into Lincoln, but last week I rushed in to meet a friend. My highly tuned fashion sense ( ha! )  instantly noted that there is a lot of knitting  about. In fact there is a lot of knitting everywhere. And there are Ponchos! I can't remember when we last had ponchos, maybe 1975....... I was astonished. On arriving home I dived into my extensive knitting pattern boxes and found this, saved by my mum from Woman's Weekly magazine. There they stand, gazing dreamily, a gentle smile on their faces, wrapped in their ponchos and now the height of fashion again. I expect you would all like a copy of this pattern. So that you too can knit or crochet your own poncho. And stand, looking poised and sophisticated, as they do... or you can just gaze in awe. Did we really wear such things? Please send photos........

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Small pleasures

There are things which we do every day which are mundane, repetitive, even boring. For me, many of these jobs are to do with housework. I once read about a writer whose hobbies were dusting, hoovering and ironing, but, she wrote sadly, that there was little time for her hobbies in her busy life. But there are ways that we can make these things more enjoyable. So now I have spotty pegs. And they came in a delightful box with a picture of a glamorous lady in a frilly apron. She looked so happy. And strangely, I feel happy when the washing is pegged out. With the spotty pegs. Such a simple pleasure to see them sitting all jolly on the line, but the mundane business of washing pegging is all the better for them!