Saturday, 15 October 2011

Winter knitting

I rarely get time to venture into Lincoln, but last week I rushed in to meet a friend. My highly tuned fashion sense ( ha! )  instantly noted that there is a lot of knitting  about. In fact there is a lot of knitting everywhere. And there are Ponchos! I can't remember when we last had ponchos, maybe 1975....... I was astonished. On arriving home I dived into my extensive knitting pattern boxes and found this, saved by my mum from Woman's Weekly magazine. There they stand, gazing dreamily, a gentle smile on their faces, wrapped in their ponchos and now the height of fashion again. I expect you would all like a copy of this pattern. So that you too can knit or crochet your own poncho. And stand, looking poised and sophisticated, as they do... or you can just gaze in awe. Did we really wear such things? Please send photos........

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