Friday, 24 March 2017

Spring at last and a Woodland Quilt

At last and at least for today it has been springtime in the garden. I have spent coffee time, lunchtime and afternoon time, well really quite a lot of time actually, sitting in the summer house, in the sun, reading a book. This counts as a holiday day for me! Throughout the day I have walked back to the sewing room and cut out a few squares, sewn a bit and then trotted off down the garden to my sunny chair again. 
It all started when I realised that the view from my window had changed to this:

view from the sewing room window
Yes it's a terrible photo, the windows need cleaning and a car came past at the wrong moment, but the sky is so blue and the Camellia tree has come into glorious flower. It is so beautiful, so exotic looking and so, so pink and frilly!
Camellia flower
Who could stay in doors on such a day? Who could not take her coffee down the garden path and find a comfy chair in the sun? 

Summer house built by a very clever husband!

I'm reading How to Measure a Cow by Margaret Forster, her very last book, recently published after her death and it is so gripping. It is the book club choice this month and I really recommend it.

But of course there is sewing going on too and I am making a cot quilt for Kerry with a woodland theme. This is a new design for me, prompted by some owl fabric I have had for a while. Farmyard animals didn't seem right, so here are my new animal designs to go with owls.... a nightime scene.....

woodland animals by Green Star Quilts
I haven't finished the detail stitching yet, so  there will be antlers to add and eyes and ears to come.
woodland animals by Green Star Quilts
Back in the sunny seat, book in hand, I was joined by someone I hadn't seen before. A beautiful Comma Butterfly kept me company on and off all day.

Comma Butterfly
On the  apple blossom too...

Comma Butterfly on apple blossom
What a lovely day it has been, lots of sun, a good book and small amounts of sewing, just perfect, we all need a day like this at times.

I hope you have time for a rest day too this week,

Thanks for visiting,
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