Monday, 22 August 2016

A Trip Around the World cot quilt

After eight months our household is slowly getting back to normal. Eldest daughter and young family have moved into their renovated house in up hill Lincoln with new floors, beautiful new kitchen and classy grey walls downstairs. Even Ronnie the Rubber Plant has gone to his new corner, although today he has had a little change of earth, courtesy of The Boy, now fifteen months old and keen to explore all gardening opportunities!  Younger daughter is renovating a house too with the help of her Viking, now fiance ( yes, we are utterly delighted about this recent news) and a small dog. All is going well.....

Our house is slowly returning to it's pre Christmas 2016 state, before The Return of Everyone and Their Furniture to us. It has all gone so well and in eight months and with five cars juggling for space on the drive, six adults, two little ones under five, not forgetting the small dog all at home, there have been no arguments and we are all still friends. We have been very blessed and I miss them all, but not the tiredness which was overwhelming at times! 

Quilts have been made and finished in minutes snatched here and there, but now I hope for more time to think and plan the commissions for the rest of the year.

A Trip Around the World cot quilt by Green Star Quilts
Here is my latest quilt, made for Chris to give to her soon to be born grandchild:

A Trip Around the World cot quilt by Green Star Quilts
I really love the thought that our Team GB is returning from the Olympics with so many medals and quite by chance I have made a sporty quilt in red, white and blue with cyclists, sports balls and London icons on it! How clever is that??!

A Trip Around the World cot quilt by Green Star Quilts
The quilt measures 50 x 50 inches, 127 x 127 cm and here is the backing fabric....

A Trip Around the World cot quilt by Green Star Quilts
This week I am starting a memory quilt commission and also gardening for England! The wedding next year (all very exciting !!!!) will include a big garden party here. That's not a 'garden party' rather a 'lots of people in the garden' party..... think woodland plus tables and chairs!  No pressure then, just a garden pulled up to National Trust standards.... from rather below the level of a meadow with jungle attached. I have just bid for and won a wooden garden table and chairs which will be my next renovation project too and we will need miles of bunting I expect..... 

From now on I hope to be back to blogs at weekly intervals, I have missed you all and the gentle fellowship of other quilters from all over the world, thank you for waiting for me to come back,
Kind regards,