Thursday, 2 July 2015

Three finished cot quilts

It is not every Friday that I have everything, well nearly everything finished, packed and ready to be posted, but today is an exception! The quilt for Glasgow has already gone to its new owner and there are two more cot quilts waiting to be posted. Here is the finished Kelvingrove quilt...

cot quilt by Green Star Quilts
This quilt has been commissioned by the parents and children of Kelvingrove Early Years Centre for their teacher who has just given birth to baby Harry. Kelvingrove Park is in the middle of the quilt.Here is my Rennie McIntosh flower:

Rennie McIntosh flower by Green Star Quilts
This is the teacher's dog ...

Boxer dog by  Green Star Quilts
Last photo for cycling enthusiasts...

bicycle by  Green Star Quilts

This is the second cot quilt, made for Lauren and using fabrics from her nursery soft furnishings...

Post and Rail cot quilt by Green Star Quilts
Here are some highlights:
quilting by Green Star Quilts
The quilting is in simple lines to enhance the modern design of this quilt....

cot quilt by Green Star Quilts
We have just decorated daughter's bedroom and the colour of the walls is perfect for the photos of this quilt....

cot quilt by Green Star Quilts
I just love taking these photoshots of my quilts and am trying to make them more professional by studying the way quilts are shown in books and those wonderful modern quilt magazines which we all love. Does anyone else have this sort of obsession? Have you got ways of making quilts look arty? I can't wait for the summer house ( see previous blog) to be finished because then I will have railings to drape the quilts over... Hooray!!

cot quilt by Green Star Quilts

This is the third quilt for the blog this week, made for Kate to give to baby William, who suprised us all by arriving two weeks early when the quilt had not even beeen started!

Farmyard animals cot quilt by Green Star Quilts
I love the retro look of these little quilts and the contrast between the bright colours and the crisp white cotton behind the animals...

cot quilt by Green Star Quilts
More ta dah moments...

cot quilt by Green Star Quilts
 The backing fabric is so sweet and from Ikea who often have great fabrics for cot quilts...

cot quilt by Green Star Quilts
So now I have no excuse for tidying the sewing room and sorting out the piles of fabric dotted around. Putting away patterns so I can find them easily for future quilts is important and a thing I am rather lazy about too! 

It is so hot here and the garden is drooping, so watering can at the ready I am off to talk to my growing peas and lettuces now.I am convinced that chatting to them makes them grow better!
 I am linking up with Amanda Jean at Crazy Mom Quilts who is kind enough to host a link up on Fridays to encourage us all to finish things, do visit her lovely blog if you get a moment,

 I hope you are all enjoying the lovely weather,

Happy quilting this week,
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