Thursday, 1 February 2018

Free Range Happy Hens Quilt

This week I have finished the hens, eggs and feathers quilt. I love this fabric range from Makower and have been thinking about a name for the quilt as I have been making it. It has been a calm quilt to make, relaxing and such soft colours. I don't often get time to make quilts which are not commissioned, but January has been a quiet month at Green Star Quilts and really I am grateful for that. So here is my Free Range Happy Hens quilt..... 

Free Range Happy Hens Quilt by Green Star Quilts
I am delighted that it has given me a chance to dust off Cyril the Cockerel who lives on the top of the dresser in the dining room too..... he was given to me by my sister in law Helen and is a great treasure.... I love to hand him to the children saying he is very heavy, he looks like a stone statue, but he is light as a feather and made of paper mache!

Free Range Happy Hens Quilt by Green Star Quilts
I love the way the hens flounce across the quilt, with little Bantums in the blue and taupe squares too, all milling  about.... free range eggs in all sizes and colours and feather floating about the paler squares....

Free Range Happy Hens Quilt by Green Star Quilts
The backing fabric is a lovely soft red with tiny flowers woven in to it and the wadding is 100% cotton which gives a super drape. I have washed the wadding before I used it so it would not shrink too.

Free Range Happy Hens Quilt by Green Star Quilts
Free Range Happy Hens Quilt by Green Star Quilts
This quilt is the size for a generous sofa throw and would look very much at home in a country kitchen. The binding is a chicken wire print, to go around the field..... There was not quite enough fabric to complete the binding and I was so sad not to use such a perfect print, but then I remembered that the chicken field at home always had holes in the fence so I added another fabric to create a gap on each side, so the hens can get out to look for better worms! The quilt is for sale on the Buy Now page of the website.

Free Range Happy Hens Quilt by Green Star Quilts
My Hyacinth bulbs have gone into overdrive this week! They suddenly grew enormous and flopped over the bowl despite me trying to prop them up with twigs from the garden. 

Can you see Cyril on top of the dresser? What have I done wrong with the bulbs?? Other people seem to grow Hyacinths which stay very disciplined and grow straight and neat with no flopping! I must confess that I forgot to plant them in December and these are bought from the market and then potted up into the bowl so I can pretend to be a super organised person who never forgets to plant ahead for flowers after Christmas. Oh I do wish I was that person! 


I walked round the garden on the one sunny day last week and found to my delight that the Witch Hazel tree was in flower though. It is still a very small tree, even after several years but the flowers are so welcome in such cold weather....

I hope you had had a good week, did you see the super moon which was wonderful here but not red ? This week I am making another charity quilt and it is not going well..... I'll show you next time to see what you think!

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