Tuesday, 25 January 2011


I have been meaning to mend the stitching on daughter's Ugg boots for some time. They are clumsy boots which seem to make people  shuffle rather than walk. So I mended the unravelling threads and sprayed them with  suede protector. But I had never tried a pair on. What would they feel like? So in went my feet and what bliss! Warm cosy toes, a soft feeling under my heels and draft free ankles in the sewing room.... I  was reluctant to take them off and when I did my feet were freezing, so I put them back on.... and now they have been stolen..... by her mother... and I don't intend to give them back!  I am shuffling happily with very warm toes.... and rather snazzy tights too....

Tuesday, 18 January 2011


On Saturday I went on a hunt in the garden in the faint hope there would be snowdrops. Maybe in some sheltered corner there would be a sign of the spring we all long for. There are some other bulbs  showing above ground and tiny buds on the shrubs, but closed tightly against the cold wind. We need to make a big decision about the raspberry canes.... whether to dig them up and plant anew, but that requires much armchair thinking and leafing through gardening books and  plant brochures..... So no snowdrops yet. But there was one flower  bravely putting a head above the rim of a pot. A sweet little face, a bit pale, so delicate but perfectly formed. I shall carry on  looking for snowdrops too. It can't be long now!

Wednesday, 12 January 2011


Happy New Year everyone! And in the hopefulness of the new year my mind has turned to aerobic classes. But not for long..... I feel a bit lazy about it really, so maybe yoga with Pam would be easier... But in everyday life there is lots of exercise. There's hoovering, running upstairs, lifting shopping in and out of the car. But some people go to extremes. Stretches and bending which go a little too far. People should think carefully before they attempt this one...........