Friday, 12 December 2014

Christmas quilts, happiness and families

I am beginning to feel the need for a little more organisation in the Christmas department here... well that's another way of saying I have a slight feeling of panic! It is not long before guests will be arriving, presents ( not bought yet) must be wrapped, a turkey the size of a large child will be collected and my Christmas culinary skills will be put to extreme tests... it is the time of the year where I need two cookers, a staff of six and a magical fairy with a very powerful wand to help out....

 But it is also a time for Christmas quilts and I have no shame in showing you quilts you may have seen before. Like the quilts themselves, I get these photos out at Christmas to enjoy the quilts all over again....

Polar Express Christmas quilt by Green Star Quilts
 Last year I made this Polar Express quilt for Christmas. I used an Advent calendar panel to get the train with pockets on the carriages and it worked really well.

The figures underneath were appliqued on with Bondaweb with the little boy holding the golden ticket out to the station master. I used the same style for another single bed quilt....

Christmas quilt by Green Star Quilts
The windows on the house opened to show the people inside waiting for Christmas Day

Little mouse in bed in the house
The flaps were fastened with velcro. Both of these quilts were made for a family with twins and I love to think about them snuggling up under them on Christmas Eve, full of excitement and the quilts adding a little bit more magic to the moment...

This year I have made a Christmas quilt for Alex who is still very little. Reindeer race across the sky and snowmen wait in the snow....

I know you have seen it before, but here it is again anyway, just to make you feel more Christmassy too....

Now I must get back to the 'to do' list.... beds to make up, cooking for the freezer, cards to write and so, so much more.... and it helps to know that all over the world you are doing the same things too, making a special time for families, welcoming home our grown up children who just need a rest and some help with childcare... and perhaps adding a guest family to the Christmas dinner...we are inviting Japanese friends who are far from home.... it is important to me to count our blessings and not forget the happiness of Christmas rather than the consumerism and shopping...

And of course there are still the quilts which are not finished yet..... still in the sewing room, along with my own personal snowman, the huge roll of wadding in the corner....

I hope it helps to feel solidarity across the world with present wrapping and the last few days of frantic shopping....

So in this oh so busy time,'Go steady', as my friend Jo says to me, and which I find so comforting, 

Kind regards,


  1. Oh Sue, I'm so glad you showed your Christmas quilts, as I had not seen them before and LOVE them!!! The Santa and reindeer are so precious and coupled with the stars and other scenery, so delightful!!! Do you applique the reindeer and Santa on? Thank you so much.

    1. Hello Sheri,
      Thanks for visiting the blog, yes, I use lots of Bondaweb to applique the figures and details to the quilt top. I stitch the shapes down around the edges and add lines to sugget movement or veins on the holly leaves and during the quilting bit, I stitch round the shapes very close to the edges to make them stand away from the background and gives a 3D effect. The applique edges seem to disappear with this method and they don't fray either. If you use a darker thread for the stitching it creates a shadow around the shape and gives more deffinition too. I buy Bondaweb by the metre as I use so much and I am not very good at hand stitched applique!

    2. Hi again, I was just reviewing my favorite posts on Bloglovin and saw this post and remembered that I commented and then noticed that you responded here. Thanks so much for explaining your method! I'm saving some of your projects on a 2015 Christmas Craft Pinterest page for easy reference. Thank you!

  2. It is so nice to be in touch with other quilters, don't forget to tell me what you are making too,
    Happy Christmas and very best wishes for 2015


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