Sunday, 11 January 2015

A Noah's Ark quilt for Phoebe

The New Year is well underway and I am only just back in the sewing room. Bed has been the best place for me, with a horrid cough, and a desperate need for a new nose which doesn't sneeze all the time..... so this is a very late greeting of Happy New Year to everyone who reads my blog. 

Bridget commissioned a first bed size quilt for Phoebe and I have just sent it off to her in time for the Christening. This is the first Noah's Ark quilt design I have drawn and made and I am really pleased with it. It brings together my farmyard animals with their wilder cousins, with the ark in the middle. 

Noah's Ark quilt detail by Green Star Quilts

I decided to have one of most of the animals so there could be most species as the quilt is smallish. Choosing the fabrics and colours for the animals is always fun. I try to get the colour roughly right but don't worry too much about horses being flowery or cows being starry, although it is important to make the zebra strippy. 

Noah's Ark quilt detail by Green Star Quilts
When everyone is in place, I stitch round each animal and add some detail about feathers or muscles. The eyes for everyone are added last. When all the stitching is complete, then the top is layered with the wadding and backing fabric.

Noah's Ark quilt detail by Green Star Quilts

I love doing the free motion quilting which makes the animals stand out more. Here is the finished quilt which is already sold. The binding is a scrappy one made of two different fabrics, pink with spots and pink with white stripes:

Binding detail from Noah's Ark quilt by Green Star Quilts

 Phoebe's name is on the bottom:

Noah's Ark quilt by Green Star Quilts

Sheri asked me how I applique shapes onto the quilts and I wondered if you would like a blog about it? Just leave a comment and I will take photos for a blog post  as I make the next quilt which has chickens on it. Then we can do it together.

Urrrrgg, sniff, cough, I hope none of you have this cold too, but if so those tissues with Aloe Vera in them are wonderful!

Happy quilting in 2015 to everyone,
Kind regards,


  1. oh I'm so sorry you've not been feeling well! It's a beautiful beautiful quilt. Happy New Year to you!

  2. Thank you Kim, I'm feeling much better now, I'm glad you like the quilt, I was quite sorry to see it go off in the post to its new owner!

  3. Such talent! I would love to see how you work your craft! Why do I suddenly feel the need for a spot of tea as I read your lovely blog? ;) Feeling inspired. Thank you.

    1. Thank you Peggy, just add chocolate biscuits to the tea break, I'm so pleased you are enjoying my ramblings, maybe I will try to do another demo of applique soon... Sue x


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