Thursday, 13 February 2014

St Valentine hearts

Tomorrow is THAT day.... over many years not one of those days has been forgotten.... Husband has blushed and flowers, a poem or a card has appeared. Every time. So I hope tomorrow will be no exception.... Hearts can be found on lots of my quilts:

In the garden...

On a chicken...

A gate at Ironbridge....

With pearly buttons...

On a bucket given to me by Jenny...

and now on a hanging in the window... and this is how I made it:

Get 6 long bendy stems of willow and tie together with string

divide into 2 bunches of 3 stems and plait each bunch, plaiting in the sticky out bits too

use those clip things for freezer bags to hold the ends

clip both plait ends together

bend the ends down into the middle to form the heart, twisting them together.

Secure the ends to the bottom of the heart with string and snip off the bits which hang over. Your willow heart is finished!

Add a ribbon hanging loop and hang in a window. Here you can see mine with  an added  robin given to me by Jo. It was made by Sharron in Cambridge. You can see her things here 

Happy St Valentine's day to you all and thanks for dropping in. Do say hello and tell me what you are making this week..

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