Saturday, 25 January 2014

Scary moments

Living in rural Lincolnshire, we have lots of wildlife. Some families live in the garden, hedgehogs, blackbirds, frogs, toads, and some are frequent visitors, squirrels, pheasants, deer, ducks. But some visitors are not so welcome, big rodents on holiday from the common, many more grey squirrels who steal nuts without conscience, large and raucous families of jackdaws.... fun to watch but who terrorize smaller birds.....  I send husband out to chase away anyone who I am not at home to... bigger rodents...hmmmm! But a few nights ago he came into the kitchen looking rather pale. It was dark outside. He had been to lock up the garage. And there appeared to be someone inside. Someone very big! Two large eyes looked straight into his and looked mean too!

Could this be the biggest scary rodent yet? Was he brave enough to go out and look again? 
In daylight, all was explained....

Our little one's personal transport, put away until her next visit!

I make a lot of transport quilts and here is one I made for Jenny to give as a present at the Christening service of Joseph:

This week I am making a memory quilt and I will show you in the next post. I hope you enjoy reading about the funny moments in my day. Do leave a message and tell me what you are making too.

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