Monday, 17 February 2014

Tulips and a spring coloured quilt

Here in Lincolnshire we grow a lot of tulips. In the south of the county, on the flat land are the bulb fields. Spalding has a history of an annual tulip festival. The colours are amazing, blocks of bright pink, yellows, mauves stand out against the fenland skies. 

I bought some tulips especially for the photos of my latest spring coloured quilt. The soft muted shades are a delight in a month of low light levels and gloom, they cheer me up so much.

Here they are :

This quilt was inspired by a beauty that I saw in Edinburgh at Jo Avery's quilt shop in Morningside. You can read about her here 
I can't remember the name of the maker sadly, but the block is a sashed thimble shape made of random width strips from my enormous scrap bag.... 

On a cold grey day I made husband stand outside as a living quilt you can see my tulip quilt against our very wet garden, not a permanent lake, just flooded from ground water...

Theses are photos taken with my new camera and I am trying to be more creative with the backgrounds, so off we go around the house and garden....

These are the two best photos, the fish eye effect made the  quilt draped over the bed shot very odd, so I won't show you that! I also tried the draped over the bathroom door with a poor effect... And lastly, because I want to show you a less than tidy sewing room because life isn't perfect... and there's the next quilt on the design wall too...

Thank you for calling in to Quilting the Green Star,
 Hope you have a good week,

PS. Jo from My Bear Paw has contacted me to say that if fact she made the quilt I saw in her shop, so thank you Jo for the inspiration! 


  1. Love your quilt Sue, especially the happy spring-like colour palette. Very pleased to have been a small part of it's story :)

    1. Thank you Jo, your quilt was so inspiring and I loved the block shape. This will be a quilt for our little one when she visits.


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