Thursday, 26 August 2010

Hidden talents

We  have been  in the middle of a major redecoration of our dining room for some time. Well actually it feels like years... woodchip wallpaper has been scrapped off and Mr Johnson the plasterer has magically made the walls smooth and mended 100 year old surfaces. Its all white, wonderful and I know ever inch of the terracotta floor tiles personally... they have been pressure washed, scrapped, scrubbed, oiled, beeswaxed, polished....and now they shine. But best of all is the new dresser. I showed husband a picture and he went into the garage and five days later look what he had made! And painted it too when I thought my arms would fall off from all the polishing... and its got lovely big wooden handles too... I'm very pleased and I promise never tease him about his garden gnome again...

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