Friday, 10 September 2010

Work ethics

This weekend it was cold on our beaches in Lincolnshire. The wind whistled across from the north sea and we wore jumpers and jackets as we strolled along looking at the beach hut exhibition. But some of us were carrying on with their jobs stoically. Giving delight and raising a smile on the faces of small children. Carrying on  work with a long tradition; a job description  little changed for fifty years. At the end of the summer season there is a  prize for the best turned out employee, maybe with the most  professional attitude to their work.... and then there is a long holiday, a chance to relax, run round a field, eat lots and reflect on a job well done... So here they are Buzz and Bart , two chaps from a team of seven, cheerful, brushed, saddled, and waiting to be ridden....

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