Tuesday, 10 August 2010

South Common summer fete

At the end of July local people organised a summer day fete on our common. It wasn't a commercial affair, no burgers or ice creams, nothing to buy really, but lots to do for families. There was pond dipping with the conservation students, archery, guided walks, willow weaving, wood carving, just country things.... Best of all were the three teams of heavy horses, who turned the cut grass, stood to receive all compliments so graciously, and were the stars of the day. Eight legs completely in harmony as they cornered at the end of each row without any tangles too!


It was a lovely day, so good to see people just sitting under the trees, watching, chatting to their neighbours, playing with the children and remembering childhood memories of the common.
Max and Jill ran a children's art competition and pictures were drawn of the things they could see. It was simple celebration of our wonderful common.

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