Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Scrap Flags and Bunting Quilt

I have been saving red, white and blue scraps for ages and truth be told I have had this quilt in bits in the to do basket for over a year. But recently I have been on a mission to tidy and clear up the sewing room, with a buy less, use more up resolution..... you know, the resolution you hope to keep but then you go to a quilt show and guess what happens......

The design started as one from a tutorial by Ashley at Film in the Fridge but then I added some tiny flags which could be bunting.

Flags and Bunting Quilt by Green Star Quilts
One thing I have learnt from making a white background quilt is this..... don't use white scraps unless they come from the same bolt of fabric! Reader I tried but then came a great deal of unpicking as there is white and then there is white, there is unbleached and there is ready to dye white..... There are also bits of old sheet, bits of Cona white and bits of white shirting in my white fabric drawer. And I can tell you that they are all different. And I can tell you that when you mix them in a quilt top they all look different On The Quilt Top........ ahhhhh and then there is a lot of unladylike language and hours of unpicking. Then there is a lot of recutting because you have lost the points of the flags ends..... 

Flags and Bunting Quilt by Green Star Quilts
But in the end it is all worthwhile and the quilt looks so fresh and jolly:

Flags and Bunting Quilt by Green Star Quilts
The backing is a pale grey cotton with tiny swirls which look a bit like fossils. The quilting is like coiled loopy rope.

Flags and Bunting Quilt by Green Star Quilts
The binding is scrap pieced too. The quilt measures 102 x 133 cm (40.5 x 53 inches)

Thank you to Ashley for this tutorial, do visit her using the link above if you get time, her quilt photos are brilliant!
Happy quilting
and very best wishes 

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