Friday, 8 April 2016

Beginners scrap fabric quilt

My scrap fabrics basket is like the magic porridge pot in the fairy tale, it seems to fill up overnight by itself and no matter how many bits I take out, it never gets less full and sometimes it overflows..... My biggest problem is me. I find it so hard to throw away the tiniest scrap. I'm a scrap squirrel, keeping everything just in case.... So this year I have made a resolution to tackle the sewing room scrap problem. No fabric shopping unless absolutely necessary ( Ha Ha!) and only to complete quilts made from scraps.

one of many scrap fabric baskets at Green Star Quilts

So this week I have been starting with a Scrap Brick quilt with all my woodland fabrics. It is a great pattern for beginners and easy to cut the pieces. These are the piece sizes:

Brick sizes by Green Star Quilts
I put the pieces up on the design wall as they are cut. They are arranged in rows:
Row 1: horizontal smaller rectangles
Row 2: vertical large rectangles
Repeat these two rows to make a quilt top of any size.

Brick pieces on design wall  by Green Star Quilts

When I had lots of bricks on the wall and the colours looked balanced I started sewing them together, pressing the seams in alternate directions so they sit together snuggly.

seams pressed in alturnate directions
This fabric the adventurous daughter brought me back from Alaska. She has been to the Iditerod dog race there, lots of snow, lots of dogs, sleds, people who love racing dog teams and a very interesting history too. You can read about it here. Sorry, I don't know who makes this fabric, there was no selvedge printing.

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The colours are soft spring yellows, blues and greens, so I took the four complete rows of the top into the garden...

woodland animals quilt top by Green Star Quilts
Against the willow tree it looks lovely...

woodland animals quilt top by Green Star Quilts
The top is finished now, although there are still scraps of course!
woodland animals quilt top by Green Star Quilts

I have so enjoyed this simple sewing...

woodland animals quilt top by Green Star Quilts
The scrap basket is a tiny bit emptier...
woodland animals quilt top by Green Star Quilts
Now the top is ready for quilting. I have ordered some grey fabric with tiny yellow butterflies for the back. Whist I am waiting for the postman I have started another top with the same pattern.

woodland animals quilt top by Green Star Quilts

This quilt will be for sale on my website  on the Buy Now page when it is finished.

Thank you all for visiting and leaving such kind comments and encouragement, it makes me feel very connected with you all and so very happy too, 

I hope you have some sunny weather in your spring gardens this week and some sunshine on your sewing areas,
Kind regards,
PS. I am linking up with Amanda Jean  at Crazy Mom Quilts who is a huge inspiration to me.


  1. I just saw that fabric this morning on Hawthorne Threads and it is by Dear Stella called Hilltop in Mint. That fabric is beautiful and I love the little foxes also. Thanks for the simple pattern. I am always looking for simple scrap quilts since I have too many scraps!

  2. What a fun quilt and tutorial! Thanks so much for sharing.


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