Monday, 12 May 2014

Trains Lorries and Bubblecars

This week I have started Toby's quilt. Toby is keen on wheels and at although only a little boy he joins the other members of his family who are also very keen on wheels, mostly attached to vintage motor bikes. The quilt will feature all sorts of transport and here it is, the top nearly finished, hanging on the design wall.

Toby's quilt by Green Star Quilts

When I say design wall it sounds grand but it is made from an old flannel sheet sewn together in four layers. It is such a useful part of the sewing room and allows me to step back from the quilts. Its often possible to see things that need to change, things not balanced, colours that are not happy together and templates that I have put on the wrong way round!

Now you will be impressed with my train design, not stitched down yet but totally accurate in every way....

appliqued train design

I must confess that I have called in my train expert.... so husband, a bit of a steam train buff drew this:

Husband's train drawing
and then I converted into the applique design. I must be sure the wheels connect up properly too I'm told. We do see steam trains in Lincoln throughout the year, the Oliver Cromwell  steams into the station to the delight of lots of children and many grown ups too.

The Oliver Cromwell at Lincoln station in the evening

A bit different from the train at the funfair, they don't seem to paint trains pink often, or write barbie on the side... shame really but a possible colour for our proposed new high speed train HS2!

Barbie train at the fun fair

I must just show you this lorry which brings a fairground ride to The Common twice a year too...

Beautiful artwork and I hope the daughters drive this enormous lorry too...

 Here in Lincolnshire we also have the jewel in the crown of retro transport. The Bubblecar  Museum at Clover Farm near Boston in the south of the county. You can read about it here and there are lots of photos too. The mini caravans and the picnic baskets are so sweet ! Does anyone remember Bubblecars on the road?

So that is my retro wheels tour. I will show you the finished quilt next week. I hope all your wheels join up correctly too over the next few days, thanks for reading my blog,
Kind regards,

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