Thursday, 24 April 2014

A welcoming note

When you work at home all day, it is lovely when friends drop in for coffee. Jasmine and little Fred used to call in around 4pm most days for tea and a little play with the Duplo bricks before bath and bedtime. 

Yesterday three friends came for lunch and I really enjoyed their company.

But with my blog, when people visit I have the same feeling. I am curious to read about other people's lives, I read about their interests, hobbies, businesses and busy days. I have felt sad for their sorrow and happy for their triumphs. Sometimes they become real friends too.

So I have decided to welcome followers of my blog , just as I would if they knocked on the door and called in for coffee. Everyone has interesting blogs, websites  and it's lovely to link up with them.

So here are some of my visitors  so far, if you would like to meet them too just click on their names...
Nicola  who works as a freelance consultant in the overseas development field

Chelsea  who lives in New Hampshire, makes fantastic quilts and teaches too. Chelsea has inspired me to try making The Farmer's Wife quilt.... it is one of life's mysteries that my blocks have all turned out six and three quarter inches square instead of six inches....

Farmer's wife quilt blocks
Lorna   who runs a very established garden design and landscape business

British wildlife quilt detail

Maddy   who is a brilliant photographer and has wildlife at her fingertips

heron quilt detail
I will introduce other visitors soon...

Talking of wildlife, I have finished the British Wildlife single bed quilt for Jean. Here it is and I am really pleased with it: 

British Wildlife quilt 
If you are making the Farmer's Wife Quilt, do tell me how you are getting on with Those Templates, if you are, you know what I mean... and for those of you not struggling to print them the right size, enjoy your coffee!

Thank you everyone for visiting my blog,
Kind regards,


  1. hello, i saw your comment on another blog and had to come and visit. i
    am a quilter, total self taught amateur not as clever as you. i do the whole lot by hand not getting on with my sewing machine at all.
    your quilts are lovely and your blog looks interesting too, looking forward to a good read !
    susan hall.

  2. Hello Susan, nice to meet someone with nearly the same name! Thank you for your comment, I' m so glad you enjoyed your visit to my blog. Hand quilt making is so special and I' m sure your quilts will be treasured by your family

  3. Thank you for the mention and link to my website!


Thank you for all your comments, I love to read them and will visit your blogs too if possible. Comments are so encouraging and I love knowing that quilters from all over the world are visiting the blog.
Happy quilting everyone!