Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Knitting for babies

There are going to be two new babies in our family this year, so Anne are I are reaching for our knitting needles. My mum was a great knitter and kept lots of old patterns. I found this little booklet in her folder. This is an essential list for the best dressed baby in  1952.......on the front cover you can see a picture of Nurse Vincent who wrote the pamphlet. She writes that you will need 4 long sleeved woollen vests, 4 pairs of woollen knitted leggings, 4 woollen knitted nighties, 6 day gowns, 4 pairs of knitted boots reaching to the knee, 1 large knitted woollen shawl, knitted bonnets, woollen gloves.... and so the list goes on. She also tells you how to boil cow's milk, adding sugar and cod liver oil for a new baby, but that's another story. So Anne and I had better start knitting. There's not much time if we are going to produce all these vests.........

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