Monday, 28 February 2011

Sharing and loving

Over the last two weeks there have been dreadful arguments in the garden. Over the coconut bird feeder. The robin found it first and it's his. There's no doubt in his mind, except when the squirrel arrives. Then he takes a back seat and grumps from the privet hedge. But otherwise he thinks 'It's mine all mine, want to fight about it?' As soon as anyone else arrives to feed, he is there. Wings whirling, red tummy sticking out and hurling abuse at the unsuspecting visitor. Blackbirds bluetits, even a woodpecker are seen off. And then he perchs smugly takes the occasional peck at it, he's won the day. Again. Until a beautiful hen robin appeared and now he's in love. 'Come over any time and share my coconut shell.... no strings attached.... I don't expect more....' he sings. ' I've found a lovely old teapot wedged into the hedge, it would make a great home for a family...' Will she fall for him? Ignore his bossy ways? He has a very beautiful red waistcoat after all, he's a handsome chap.... 

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