Friday, 6 December 2019

The comments

Ahhh I'm so sorry! You have all been sending me lovely comments and I didn't find them until just now! Has Blogger changed the comments system while I haven't been paying attention??  Anyway, a million apologies to you all who have so kindly been encouraging me and please don't feel ignored. Now I have found the button for the comments and will read  them everytime. 
 And a huge 'Thank You' to you lovely kind people!

While it was raining the other day I had a moment of tiny quilt making...... The young visitor to my dolls' house had requested a change of use.... so all the dolls were evicted and the Sylvanian animals moved in....  

They needed new furnishings, quilts, cushions and some clothes....

I used up lots of tiny scraps which were from this quilt.... don't you just love the hedgehogs...

So now they are all comfy and in this cold weather will be in cosy hibernation until my young visitor comes again!

Thanks for dropping by and leaving such kind comments too,
Kind regards,

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Thank you for all your comments, I love to read them and will visit your blogs too if possible. Comments are so encouraging and I love knowing that quilters from all over the world are visiting the blog.
Happy quilting everyone!