Sunday, 24 November 2019

Turning over the next leaf

Oh I have neglected the blog, and the commissions page of the website and the Instagram page but I have a good excuse..... I have a new granddaughter, born in the land of snow and ice, just within the Artic Circle, the land of the midnight sun.....

Northern lights from the Artic Circle
We arrived and the next day looked out of the window to see lots of snow...


It was as though Christmas had come all at once and it was so beautiful and -10 degrees so woolly hats and gloves were urgently needed.....

Lofoten Islands, Tromsø

Just one more....

And of course there have been quilts but I just didn't get round to talking about them,

This one was a random log cabin style around printed fabric with horses, made for a small horse enthusiast with a wild taste in colours!

Made by Green Star Quilts
Then there was this one...

Made by Green Star Quilts
Here is the backing fabric:

Made by Green Star Quilts
This quilt is a modern sampler quilt, each block is unique and quilted differently. It will be for sale on my website in a few days time. Here you can see it with the quilting pins still  in place...

There were lots of little quilts too which you can see on the commissions page of the website just click on the link.

But the best make of the month is our new baby girl, no photos though as she doesn't need a social media presence just yet.... this is her quilt though:

Artic Adventure Quilt by Green Star Quilts
Thank you for reading all this, sorry it has been so long, I hope you haven't given up on me,
Very best wishes and kind regards, 

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