Friday, 23 December 2016

Happy Christmas from Green Star Quilts

It is Friday and the Christmas shopping is done. Well I am done with Christmas shopping really. This is the time I love the most, when there is no time left so anything else needed must be home made as I can't bear the shops anymore. We have a very low key present policy here, so there are lots of home made biscuits wrapped up and practical gifts for DIY enthusiasts. But this year I want to share with you Judy's lovely idea for candles...

Christmas candles 2016
She has done this with a much deeper bowl but it still looks lovely in a shallow one. So take a vintage cut glass or moulded glass bowl, just the sort you sent to the jumble sale but can buy back again in a charity shop! Wash and dry it until it sparkles. Fill half full with aquarium gravel from a general shop like Wilkos, (yes I know it looks like biscuitcrumbs for Santa's reindeer in the photo) and then sit as many tealights in the gravel as you like. I used red and white ones which were scented too. When the candles are lit the glass glimmers and sparkles beautifully especially in the dark. So it is just a bowl of light and hope for 2017 because I think we really need that more than presents this Christmas.

Christmas candles 2016
If you have little ones around at Christmas you can use battery electric tealights for safety.

So just to wish you all a very Happy Christmas. thank you for reading my blog, listening to my ramblings and sending messages of encouragement for quilt making. As the local
co-ordinator for Project Linus UK I have given away 425 quilts to children in need of an extra cuddle this year. It is a huge tribute to the kindness and generosity of the quilting community here in Lincoln area. Well done and thank you so very much, I hope it just balances the scales of compassion just a little bit in this world today. 

Happy Christmas 2016

Thank you also to Amanda Jean at Crazy Mom Quilts, her Finish UP Friday link sets my quilting compass every week,
Happy Christmas everyone,
kind regards,

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