Friday, 18 September 2015

Scrap fabric Feedom Blocks

This week I have been making Freedom Blocks from a favourite book by Sharon V. Rotz called Log Cabin Quilts with Attitude. Having just has another birthday last week, I feel I am definitely a lady with Attitude these days! As I get older I find myself less inclined to stand for any nonsense, on a daily basis! Husband says I have changed.... another of her books is called Serge and Merge so maybe he would be surprised again if I read that too....

Here is my first Freedom Block:

Freedom Block by Green Star Quilts
Really it is a version of log cabin with wonky logs. As I made more blocks it sometimes turned into wonky courthouse steps, but that doesn't seem to matter or show in the end...I sorted my scraps into colours, using one colour for each block. Here are more on a white fabric background.

 4 Freedom Blocks by Green Star Quilts

It got really quite addictive and I even did a teaching session for ladies at my quilt group. Sharon calls them Freedom Blocks because they look carefree and fun and there aren't many rules or log cabin police around.

 6 Freedom Blocks by Green Star Quilts

I have also tried them on a pale grey polka dot fabric which I love. 

 4 Freedom Blocks on grey polka dot fabric by Green Star Quilts
What do you think?  White or grey? Here are more blocks....

 4 Freedom Blocks on grey polka dot fabric by Green Star Quilts
I am going to carry on making more blocks this week and will show you how it's going next week. Hmmm I really like the grey but the white is crisp. Lots of chances for modern quilting with this design too.....

Hope you all have a lovely weekend quilting and some sunshine too,

Kind regards,


  1. These are so fun! Can't wait to see what you do with them!

  2. I like the white because it will make the quilt less busy! Beautiful scrappy blocks!

  3. Fun Blocks. I wanna see the finish too. I love the quilt below. I pinned it. I have a bajillion pieces just like these. I recognized a few. LOL. I love how you did this quilt. I want to make one for a hospital. I'm actually going Monday to talk to them about donations. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. I first read the title of your book as Log Cabin Quilts with "ALTITUDE" probably because I live in Colorado and the altitude comes up quite often in various ways, but I knew that couldn't be right as I read on! I really like your blocks and their "ATTITUDE" and they look like they are fun to make! And I also know what you mean about becoming a lady with attitude, because that has hapoened to me as I've gotten older, too!


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