Friday, 6 February 2015

A memory quilt for Sarah

Sarah has been storing baby clothes for a long time. Her boys are big boys now, a long way on from babyhood and yet still the little clothes are in the bag, too precious to give away.... But recently she asked me to make them into a quilt, just for her. So many memories, happy, sad, tough times, wonderful times, laughter and tears, they are all in that bag. So here is the block I chose, a simple one as lots of the fabrics are t shirt materal:

simple block for a memory quilt
The quilt grew really quickly and soon the blocks were all made. I trialed blue for the sashing strips , these helped to keep the blocks a stable shape...

memory quilt blocks all laid out
Here is the finshed quilt which measures 54 x 69 inches:
Memory quilt by Green Star Quilts

In the corners are appliques of favourite toys, Bunny and Teddy, both much loved. As I took this photo, a pale wintery sun sent a ray across the quilt. There is snow here and it is so cold, so I left this photo with it's sunshine rather than waiting for a more matt photo finish, as it cheered me up.

On the quilt label, Sarah has chosen to add a quotation from Dr Suess:

'Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory'

And that's what memory quilts are for really.

detail from a memory quilt
Now, this week I also need some advice from you. This quilt is quite heavy and I have developed a really achy shoulder and neck. It has been coming on for some time and of course I ignored it as you do! Now I am wondering if I should change my work table. It is an old kitchen one so my machine is quite high up. That's good if you want your nose near the stitching for applique, but not so good for the shoulders when quilting, which feel as though they are near my ears most of the day!

The quilting table
Do any of you use a Sewezi Table? Are they worth the cost? Do you have any good tips for sore shoulders? I have four big quilts to make over the next two months, so please help with advice,

Just going off to do some shoulder exercises now, drink coffee and eat a comforting choccy biscuit ( or three) with more aspirin,

Kind regards,


  1. This is such a wonderful memory quilt - very nice work!

    1. Thanks Judy, Sarah shed a few tears when she saw it as it meant so much to her.

  2. Well as the bearer of sore shoulders, (though not as bad since I'm no longer teaching--insert marking, prepping, computer work, stress, etc) cold winter doesn't help. The height for me is a huge I sit typing at the laptop, at a pseudo desk that is much too tall for 5'2" me. I bought two 3-drawer cheap IKEA dressers as they are only 27 3/4" high, placed a 2X5' piece of plywood on top, dropped my machine in (great to have a husband who could do the cut out and mount the shelf for it to sit down on). Yet I still find my shoulders up by my ears just manipulating a big quilt...though not as bad as before said set-up. Taking breaks, stretching as you're doing, really helps, as does a massage! Wish I could afford one every couple of days!! Sorry do not know about the Sewezi tables. Check the height: your arms are supposed to be at a right angle I seem to recall from an ergonomics class we took when I was teaching (baha, to help with all the hours spent hunched over papers...)

    1. Thanks so much Sandra, that's really helpful, my arms are definitely not at a right angle anywhere! Must activate useful husband straight away if I can talk him into a trip to Ikea, not his spiritual home though!

  3. Have you considered replacing your chair instead. I have a Koala sewing chair that has an adjustable height. It can go up to use with a counter. I love it and even adjust the height in the middle of projects.

    1. Thanks Jasmine, will definitely think about buying a new chair too, maybe I can sneak in new cupboards as well as a table and chair...

  4. I have a Sewezi Table and I love it! I use it all the time for retreats and at home. I also bought a bungee chair from the Container Store..They are awesome,


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