Thursday, 21 August 2014

Baby quilts,a day at the farm and a visit from Canadians

Here in the Bomber County of Lincolnshire there has been lots of excitment this week as we have had a visit from the Canadian Lancaster aeroplane. We have our own Lancaster here too, but it is the first time these two planes have flown together for 50 years, since the second world war. So today there they were, flying around the local air base, over the cathedral and off to the south for another display. Lots of people were there to watch as Lincolnshire people are very proud of our local history, especially in this year of the centenary. Here is my plane from Howell's baby quilt, I will tell you more about that quilt in a minute...  

Plane from Howell's quilt
This week we have also had a visit from our little one and her mum. Being a Granny is my favourite job after quilt making. Now we are a bit more experienced, we can take her out for the day. It was nerve racking the first time, much more worrying than with our own children, I felt like a tiger granny! Do you know the feeling? So we went to our local country farm for children....

Well, this was hysterical to watch, small, very excited black and white piglets charging down the course and everyone clapping the winner...

Some people were so excited by the visitors, they climbed on the picnic table, in order to get a better view....

Goat at Rushmore Farm Park

The Kunekune pig, yes that is the right spelling, was quite a big chap... and so friendly... not too pretty, but a lovely smile....

Kunekune Pig

People made friends with their neighbours....

Ram and ducks
Others prefered to gaze over the fence...

or chat over the back door .....

Donkey at Rushmore Farm Park
Everyone seemed to eat the same food, goats, ducks, hens, horses except for the hawks, who only got out of bed for a classy bit of steak....

some people didn't get out of bed at all.... for anything..... anything at all....

cuddles were everywhere....

Locally made ice cream was eaten, the pony was ridden, the baby owlets were stroked and much, much more.... we had a lovely day down on the farm.... 

I have also made two quilts this week, hope you are impressed! The first one is for Howell and will be given to him at his Christening.

Quilt by Green Star Quilts

 His family is from Wales, so there are two flags with the Welsh dragon at the bottom. 

sheep by Green Star Quilts
The sheep is eating Welsh daffodils, the pig is in the leek plot and a plane flies over head as his daddy is in the Royal Air Force.

The second quilt is for Hamish, whose family is from Scotland:

Quilt by Green Star Quilts

Do you like the Highland cows in the Scottish thistles?

Highland cows by green Star Quilts

The backing fabric is a very soft brushed cotton of the Black Watch tartan

The camouflaged animal fabric is there because his dad is in the army.

chickens by Green Star Quilts

This week seems to have had a farming theme, or at least a countryside, outdoors sort of flavour, big on tractors, lots of animals, hands on feeding and stroking.... Is it idealised? Do you think children get a fairy tale view of farming today through books, visits like ours or even quilts like mine? It is very like my own childhood, but so much of that has vanished now, and yet I so want our little one to feel in touch with these animals, their food, our use of them and of the land. Do you have a view too?

 I hope you have a lovely weekend, it feels very autumnal here but we are hoping wildly for an Indian summer,
Kind regards,

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  1. Beautiful quilts! I love how you thought about what each block means to the different recipients.


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