Thursday, 19 June 2014

Quilting and packing

This will be a short blog because I am just back from visiting daughter in Rome, the most amazing city and full of Roman quilting designs, which they clearly had to make in marble mosaics as they had no one inch squared paper....

Mosaic section in Rome
For some of you, the sight of oranges on a tree will be an everyday thing, but for me it was a marvel. The orange crushing fruit juicer in the hotel had me riveted to my seat, just watching the lady throwing in oranges by the handful and produce jugs of delicious juice at the bottom was amazing....

Oranges trees in Rome
And the food.... and the ice cream..... well, my waist is not any smaller as a result of this trip!

Restaurant tents on the Tiber by night
Arriving back , it was time to post the 50th wedding anniversary quilt to Stephanie in time for the party for her parents at the Ritz Hotel in London... here is the finished quilt:

Stephanie's quilt by Green Star Quilts

Colchester castle

Now I am off to the south for daughter's birthday and a little light babysitting whilst cocktails are partaken with her sister, hopefully in very pretty dresses if the sun comes out at the weekend. Other parents are struggling to care for their families in our garden and yesterday there was a baby blackbird as big as it's mother, in the climbing hydrangea outside the sewing room window... no flight feathers, a big attitude and no manners, yelling and squawking for more worms NOW! 

I hope you like the new banner for the blog. It took me all day to make it. I followed instructions from at least three very kind people who had put those instructions on the web for techno beginners like me. It is not perfect but better than the first one where the ribbon was not straight and the cotton reels wobbled off on their own agenda.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and a chance to go on holiday too,
Kind regards,


  1. Hello Sue - Thanks for leaving such a sweet comment on my blog. I've popped over here to say hi, and have ended up humbled by such accomplished stitching! And, yes, I think you are right about those roman quilts...

    1. Lovely to meet you in blog land Colleen, thanks for your praise, I can't tell you how many hours of practice went on before I mastered free machine quilting!

  2. Hi Sue...ditto Colleen.
    I usually reply to by email but you are a "no reply" commenter. Hope to meet you at the Festival!
    It's always great to discover a fellow UK blogger.

  3. Ditto Colleen's comment.
    Your banner and quilt are wonderful and I am not at all envious that you have been to Rome!!
    Always nice to meet a fellow UK blogger, and hope to meet you at the Festival.

    1. Thanks Deborah, I very much admire your art quilts, the colours are so beautifully blended.


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