Monday, 3 March 2014

Moving house

House and garden

Several of my dear friends have moved house recently. It generally involves lots of upheaval and plenty of this....

Our kitchen about 5 years ago

Also new boilers, skips of old carpet and, in Jenny's case a new baby on the way.... well they do say new houses have that effect....  Some people love gardening and specialise in topiary:

This is a garden path at Hackthorn Hall near Lincoln, where they had an open day last summer.

 cushion made from a printed panel with an added border

Charlotte has moved just across the road to a house with more bedrooms and a bigger garden. For those that need help in the garden, our local garden centre has a fine selection of people just waiting to be asked ....

Maybe there will be a wildlife garden, we certainly share ours with lots of other families....

Hedgehog nest in the garden

But how to combine everything one hopes for the family moving to the new house? This is my gift to Charlotte in her new home. I must admit there were some sharp words said over the piping of the edges... but I am pleased with the colours. I bought the garden gnome fabric from Kay. You can read about her fabrics here


back of cushion

The cushion was inspired by the beautiful cushions made by Amandajean  here She is the most generous of ladies and has great photos too. The back is fastened with two large buttons tied on with red embroidery thread...

and here is the Ta Dah photo of the front complete with slightly wonky piping...

Gnome, hedgehog and watering can cushion 

Thank you for calling in to read my ramblings, if you are moving house this week, I hope it goes well,
Kind regards,

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