Thursday, 25 April 2013


Blessings in our garden are things which happen by themselves. Every year I attempt to grow vegetables, last year I had courgettes by the ton,  six runner beans, all eaten with great appreciation.... Also three strawberries, gone in a minute, but the sweetpeas and nasturtiums were a riot, pretty but not very edible. But every year starts with great hope. At the moment, the vegetable plot has been dressed with manure, compost and awaits the plants in the greenhouse. In the other parts of the garden, daffodils and fritilaries are so gorgeous and this year is marvelous for cowslips.  So I was delighted to find two blessings.... well three to four really, three with wings, as peacock butterflies arrived from Italy on Saturday and one little primrose, self seeded on the steps.... all by themselves, with no help from me!

 This a spring coloured quilt  I have made for Joss with all the things she loves about her garden. Her frog kite flies over the apple tree, her teddies picnic in the garden and a little owl perches on a branch. 

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