Wednesday, 11 January 2012

A Very Happy New Year

I am very excited as this year we are going to have a special visitor. She is six months old and very chatty. She is also the owner of a very sunny smile and gorgeous chubby feet. She and her parents will be staying for a little while. I am hoping for a serious amount of cuddling.... And so I have made a quilt to welcome her. It is from a pattern designed by Ashley, an American young mum who quilts on the other side of the world. You can see her blog here. The internet is so great for virtual friends! It is a hang out the flags quilt, a pink bunting surprise quilt. She can use it on our cold hard floors. I'm so pleased with it and it used up lots of pretty scraps from the pile in the sewing room. so here it is, a welcome to Lincolnshire quilt...

Welcome home quilt detail

PS.  I just wanted to show you the quilt I have made as  a Christmas present for an elderly friend. It is made from four old  woolly jumpers and the back is a lovely warm soft piece of fleece material. It has a very tactile feel and when rolled up, you just want to cuddle it. I hope it will keep his legs nice and warm in the car and at home.

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