Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Young families

In our garden there are several young families being raised at present. The parents look tired and rumpled, rushing about in a distracted manner. Regular mealtimes are so important and snacks are required constantly. The babies, often more than one per family, are demanding. As big as their parents, they shout and yell for more food. They are not fussy, any worm will do, beetles, wire worms, bugs of all sorts are stuffed into their beaks by fond mums and dads. Today I was digging in the garden and a blackbird dad was constantly under my feet. As soon as the spade turned the earth, he was there. Catching food I couldn't see. Sometimes his beak was so full, everything was dropped like a carrier bag failure in a supermarket. Big worms fought back. But off he flew and then back again for more. Under a bush sat his sulky offspring. Beak wide open. But then baby hopped off. Dad arrived, lots of worms at the ready, so worried . Where was that baby? It should have stood still, stayed where it was left, done as it was told........and now the wrens have the same problem........and the robins....... 

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