Wednesday, 4 May 2011


Everyday throughout the cold weather he arrived outside the back door. He spent the day lurking under the bird feeder, sometimes perching on the back door ledge hoping for bread. I called him William, a very beautiful wood pigeon. Very soon it was clear he was bigger than the other pigeons. Much bigger. So he became William the biggest pigeon in the world. But a sad day has come. William couldn't escape the sparrow hawk. A pile of  feathers lay on the path, gorgeous shades of grey, pink and faintly blue. He had become a breakfast . I quite miss him around the kitchen door. So I have made a fabric picture after a workshop with the textile picture maker Janet Bolton. It is in folk art style, and William stands on a step next to a pink tulip from the garden. I have put a large pearl button above him, it's colours are like his feathers. No sparrow hawk in this picture.......but today I heard that three perigrine falcons have hatched on a ledge of Lincoln cathedral. They may be eating the sparrowhawk for breakfast soon....

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