Saturday, 8 May 2010

Needles, pins and thimbles

Recently I went to an exhibition of vintage sewing equipment. Just the sort of thing I loved in my mother's wicker sewing basket as a little girl. Cards of white calico covered buttons  named 'The Imperial' and 'The Night Owl'. Cardboard reels of waxed linen  thread called 'The Sentry', used for sewing buttons on to my dad's army uniform. A wooden darning mushroom I remember her using to darn her stockings...The packet of needles with Flora Macdonald on the front. These are all displayed in deep picture frames in my sewing room now, along with a button hook  and a treasured set of Braeloo ribbons for replacing the straps on ones petticoat.... But here is one of the things from the exhibition which I so wish I owned.....and you never know what will turn up in all the charity shops I visit...

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