Sunday, 25 April 2021

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Sunday, 18 April 2021


 Dear Readers, 

It has been such a long time since I posted on my blog and so very much has happened to us all. The last year has had huge highs and very many lows and although time at home has seemed vast, there have been few moments or indeed the heart to write cheerful blogs about about quilting.

But here I am and in this new time I feel I can start again and I realise I have missed my blog. I post on Instagram as Green_Star_Quilts but it’s a small space and a bit frantic sometimes, and I realise I enjoy the calmer, larger atmosphere of this blog.

So here I go, thinking I will start again and I hope this brings my readers some happiness and a lifting of the hearts if you too have had a sad time during the pandemic which has touched us all.

So over the last year things have changed a bit and I have stopped taking commissions for quilts. My website has closed and I have started making individual quilts and bags to sell at my local craft collective which is called With Love From Lincolnshire. This has brought me so much pleasure, it’s lovely to part of a vibrant group of makers and means I can use fabrics from the drawers and cupboards in my sewing room as I please. I have loved coming up with new ideas and making bags and mastering the putting of zips has been quite something for me!

I find that Blogger has changed a few things and I am clicking buttons but may take a few posts to get things to look right! I’m using my iPad to post and that seems to make a difference too. I’ll get it in hand soon.

If you are reading this, then thank you, I love the idea that we are sewing in different countries all over the world and making quilts to sell, as gifts and to give comfort.

Maybe you have felt like me over the last year, but also maybe there is a lifting of spirits, our hobbies mean so much to us all and have kept many of us going,

That’s all for now,

Very best wishes and kind regards,


Wednesday, 12 February 2020

A Walk In The Park Quilt

Well  dear readers, I must say it is absolutely freezing here in Lincolnshire and still rather windy from the recent storm. It's February and our brave daffodils are bobbing about, buds nearly in flower, but the gardeners in this house are still in hibernation, despite the arrival of many seed packets in the post. I have made my first quilt of 2020 in spring colours though. It is a city scene quilt using fabrics which I think are called Walk In The Park, so that's what I have called the quilt too. Here is is.....

A Walk In The Park quilt by Green Star Quilts
The fabrics feature little dogs, town houses and parks and the dogs are so sweet with lots of character in the drawings. Yellow windmills dance across the quilt and give a bright focus and diagonal design. I used a pattern by Alyson at CluckCluckSew  but turned the rectangles through 90 degrees to suit the fabric design.

I spent a lot of time faffing about taking photos which is my second favourite thing about quilt making, but the winter light is tricky and its hard to get bright colours. I also spent a lot of time drinking coffee and eating the Panatone cake my lovely Italian sister-in-law brought too, but that's another story!

I just made this quilt because I loved the fabrics, so it is for sale on my website 
Green Star Quilts but I shall be sad to see it go from the sewing room.

For the quilting I tried a pale blue varigated thread 100% cotton by Robinson-Anton, and I really love the effect. I stitched in wavy lines across the rectangles and left the windmill blocks plain. 

The finished size is a lage cot quilt but it would be a great sofa throw or even a small picnic rug for coffee and cake in the park.

At least although it's so cold the days are getting longer. It is 5.30pm as I write this and just dusk, not quite dark and it lifts my heart. There seem to be quite a few hardy walkers on the hill outside my window and they remind me that I should go for a walk tomorrow around the park or across the common, woolly hat and gloves at the ready.

It's not to late in the month to say Happy February to you all, I hope your daffodils haven't been battered by the wind,

Kind regards and thanks for dropping by,

Friday, 6 December 2019

The comments

Ahhh I'm so sorry! You have all been sending me lovely comments and I didn't find them until just now! Has Blogger changed the comments system while I haven't been paying attention??  Anyway, a million apologies to you all who have so kindly been encouraging me and please don't feel ignored. Now I have found the button for the comments and will read  them everytime. 
 And a huge 'Thank You' to you lovely kind people!

While it was raining the other day I had a moment of tiny quilt making...... The young visitor to my dolls' house had requested a change of use.... so all the dolls were evicted and the Sylvanian animals moved in....  

They needed new furnishings, quilts, cushions and some clothes....

I used up lots of tiny scraps which were from this quilt.... don't you just love the hedgehogs...

So now they are all comfy and in this cold weather will be in cosy hibernation until my young visitor comes again!

Thanks for dropping by and leaving such kind comments too,
Kind regards,

Blue Tumblers Quilt

This was a quilt I had been thinking about for a while and at last I have had time to make it. I am so pleased with the colours, there are lots of  bright modern fabrics in this design and they tumble across the quilt , it makes you feel happy and rather summery just looking at it!

Blue Tumblers Quilt by Green Star Quilts
The backing fabric is an Aztec design and all the fabrics and wadding used are 100% cotton. 

Blue Tumblers Quilt by Green Star Quilts

Blue Tumblers Quilt by Green Star Quilts
Can you see the turtle and the skiing cat? There are lots of little Russian dolls too and the odd toucan.... Here is the whole quilt:

Blue Tumblers Quilt by Green Star Quilts
If you fancy becoming the new owner, you can see the details on the Buy Now page of my website. Just click on the link. 

Also I have been making a little cot quilt for Kate to give her friend. The baby is due in the middle of the month, what a great present for Christmas!

Farmyard Cot Quilt by Green Star Quilts
The backing fabric is a gentle soft grey colour with tiny yellow fireflies:

Farmyard Cot Quilt by Green Star Quilts
I very much enjoy making these little quilts, each one is different although the theme is always the same.

That's all for this week. At the moment we have the Christmas market on here in Lincoln. It is a huge event and 30,000 visitors come so the city is pretty busy. Lots of my friends are taking stalls so if you are nearby do go along, even just to get the wonderful scent of cinnamon, chestnuts and mulled wine!

Thanks for calling in to see me,
Kind regards,

Sunday, 24 November 2019

Turning over the next leaf

Oh I have neglected the blog, and the commissions page of the website and the Instagram page but I have a good excuse..... I have a new granddaughter, born in the land of snow and ice, just within the Artic Circle, the land of the midnight sun.....

Northern lights from the Artic Circle
We arrived and the next day looked out of the window to see lots of snow...


It was as though Christmas had come all at once and it was so beautiful and -10 degrees so woolly hats and gloves were urgently needed.....

Lofoten Islands, Tromsø

Just one more....

And of course there have been quilts but I just didn't get round to talking about them,

This one was a random log cabin style around printed fabric with horses, made for a small horse enthusiast with a wild taste in colours!

Made by Green Star Quilts
Then there was this one...

Made by Green Star Quilts
Here is the backing fabric:

Made by Green Star Quilts
This quilt is a modern sampler quilt, each block is unique and quilted differently. It will be for sale on my website in a few days time. Here you can see it with the quilting pins still  in place...

There were lots of little quilts too which you can see on the commissions page of the website just click on the link.

But the best make of the month is our new baby girl, no photos though as she doesn't need a social media presence just yet.... this is her quilt though:

Artic Adventure Quilt by Green Star Quilts
Thank you for reading all this, sorry it has been so long, I hope you haven't given up on me,
Very best wishes and kind regards, 

Friday, 5 July 2019

Using a big fabric design

Hello Everyone,

Green Star Quilts

I just wanted to show you a quilt made with fabrics with a big design. This is a commissioned quilt and Louise sent me her fabrics which have been used in the bedroom as curtains and cushions. It took me a while to work out how big the squares should be so that the pictures would be included. Any smaller and the design would have disappeared, and I settled on 10.5 inch squares. Here is the quilt....

Green Star Quilts
As it is curtain weight material it was nice to use a light weight wadding and and very light Liberty Tala Lawn as the backing so the quilt would not be too heavy:

Green Star Quilts
The binding is navy and white stripes to echo the zebra on the quilt. I am also making a very bright 'Happy Horses' quilt for a little girl who is eight years old on Saturday.... I will show you that next time, my quilt group members have been rather astonished at the colours and it will be interesting to see how it turns out! More next time.....

I hope you are enjoying the lovely weather, in Lincoln today it was 25 degrees, breezy and sunny, my garden looks so pretty and the bees are out all over the lavenders,

Garden Lavender and Feverfew

Happy holiday to those of you in the USA,

Kind regards,