Sunday, 18 April 2021


 Dear Readers, 

It has been such a long time since I posted on my blog and so very much has happened to us all. The last year has had huge highs and very many lows and although time at home has seemed vast, there have been few moments or indeed the heart to write cheerful blogs about about quilting.

But here I am and in this new time I feel I can start again and I realise I have missed my blog. I post on Instagram as Green_Star_Quilts but it’s a small space and a bit frantic sometimes, and I realise I enjoy the calmer, larger atmosphere of this blog.

So here I go, thinking I will start again and I hope this brings my readers some happiness and a lifting of the hearts if you too have had a sad time during the pandemic which has touched us all.

So over the last year things have changed a bit and I have stopped taking commissions for quilts. My website has closed and I have started making individual quilts and bags to sell at my local craft collective which is called With Love From Lincolnshire. This has brought me so much pleasure, it’s lovely to part of a vibrant group of makers and means I can use fabrics from the drawers and cupboards in my sewing room as I please. I have loved coming up with new ideas and making bags and mastering the putting of zips has been quite something for me!

I find that Blogger has changed a few things and I am clicking buttons but may take a few posts to get things to look right! I’m using my iPad to post and that seems to make a difference too. I’ll get it in hand soon.

If you are reading this, then thank you, I love the idea that we are sewing in different countries all over the world and making quilts to sell, as gifts and to give comfort.

Maybe you have felt like me over the last year, but also maybe there is a lifting of spirits, our hobbies mean so much to us all and have kept many of us going,

That’s all for now,

Very best wishes and kind regards,


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Welcome back Sue x